What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source software used to create websites. Launched in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress has since become the world’s most preferred content management system (CMS). WordPress can be used for various types of websites such as blogs, e-commerce sites, news portals, corporate websites, portfolio sites.

One of the most important advantages of WordPress is the ability of users to easily manage their websites without any coding knowledge. WordPress can be customised with thousands of themes and plugins. While themes determine the look and design of your website, plugins add additional features and functions to your website. In addition, WordPress is SEO-friendly software, which means it helps your website achieve a better ranking in search engines.

To understand how WordPress works, you need to know the two basic components of your website: Domain name and web hosting. The domain name is the address of your website on the internet. For example, google.com is a domain name. Web hosting is the server where your website’s files are stored, and many companies provide this service.

You have two options for using WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. WordPress.com is a free version of WordPress and you do not need to purchase a domain name or web hosting to create a website. However, WordPress.com contains some restrictions. For example, you can use a limited number of themes and plugins, you cannot run advertisements, and you cannot fully control your website.

WordPress.org is a downloadable version of WordPress. To create a website on WordPress.org, you need to purchase your own domain name and web hosting. However, this option gives you the freedom to fully customise and control WordPress. On WordPress.org, you can install any theme and plugin you want, publish adverts and develop your website as you wish.

All in all, WordPress is a powerful and flexible software that you can use to build websites. Which version of WordPress you choose depends on your needs and goals. WordPress.com can be a good option for those who want to create a simple and free website. WordPress.org may be a better alternative for those who want to create a professional and unique website.

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